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Ad Films
In physics there is a term called Impulse of a force which defines as 'a large force in a short time!' Video advertisement is such kind of impulse, which has to create impact within seconds.
Syngenta TVCs
A still from 'Syngenta TVCs'
"Syngenta TVCs"
(English/60 sec)
A series six TVCs for different products for Syngenta India Limited
Simple hai yaar!
A still from 'Simple hai yaar!'
"Simple hai yaar!"
A film, which includes four different ads that again, can be viewed as a single long film!

A youthful ad to project IT Friendship amongst youth through MS-CIT.
A still from 'Dynasty'
(Hindi/11 mins/2008) Abhishikta has directed a 11 mins ad film for leading real estate company, Pune