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Making documentaries is always the pleasure working. Sticking to the realities and creating a theme out of it with different forms is a process of blossoming itself…Abhishikta have enjoyed it always! Here are a few examples ...
A still from 'Shaaradeeya'
Shaaradeeya :
Shaaradeeya (27min/Marathi with English subtitles):
Marathi SangeetNatak (Musical Theatrical) has a rich tradition of 130 years.
Pt. SharadGokhale is a well known singer- performer of Marathi Musical Theatrical since last 30 years.Shaaradeeya is a documentary portrait of Pt. SharadGokhale.

Received 2nd Best Film Award at 'Shot Too Short' Digital Film Festival 2011
A still from 'Prakaashvaat'
Prakaashvaat :
Prakaashvaat (17min/Marathi with English subtitles):
A documentary on autism awareness for Prasanna Autism Centre.
Kille Shivaneri
A still from 'Kille Shivaneri'
Kille Shivaneri :
Kille Shivaneri (41min/Marathi):
A documentary on Fort Shivaneri written and directed by Prasad Namjoshi for Saam Marathi TV
Dakkhancha Raaja Jyotiba
A still from 'Dakkhancha Raaja Jyotiba'
Dakkhancha Raaja Jyotiba :
Dakkhancha Raaja Jyotiba (45min/Marathi):
A documentary on Jyotiba temple, (a Hindu God), near Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India, written and directed by Prasad Namjoshi.
A still from 'Raahageer'
Raahageer :
Raahageer (52min/Marathi):
A documentary portrait of Mr. Vasant Mahajan, a self made industrialist,for Laboratory Suppliers, Mumbai.
A still from 'Makarsankrant'
Makarsankrant :
In Maharashtra the festival of Makarsankrant has its own style. This is beautifully captured with rich visuals here and the documentary has become like poetry by itself!

The film is made under the ambitious project of Marathi Bhasha Mandakini, Central institute of Indian Languages, Government of India, Mysore.
A still from 'Paithani'
Paithani is a traditional saree of Maharashtra. Process of making a paithani, the traditions and customs associatdd with, different types of Paithani saree are beautifully captured with rich visuals in this documentary. Documentary is a feast to eyes!

The film is made under the ambitious project of Marathi Bhasha Mandakini, Central institute of Indian Languages, Government of India, Mysore.
Manashakti: The New Way
A still from 'Manashakti: The New Way'
Manashakti: The New Way
(English & Marathi/25mins/2006)
The work and research done on the human mind by the Manashakti Prayogkendra, Lonawala is well portrayed using audiovisual medium.
Swami Vidnyananand:Prakashache Lene
A still from 'Swami Vidnyananand:Prakashache Lene'
Swami Vidnyananand:Prakashache Lene
(English & Marathi/15mins/2006)
The film portray life sketch of Swami Vidnyananand. It is a docudrama created without showing any picture or statue of Swamiji which is not available as per his wish! A beautiful narrative video portray!
Maharashtra Art & Craft: Paithanee
A still from 'Maharashtra Art & Craft: Paithanee'
Maharashtra Art & Craft: Paithanee
Paithanee sari is the rich traditional weaving craft of Maharashtra. The film includes nearly every kind of designs, types, colors and making of the Paithanee. The interviews of scholars, weavers and the traditional paithenee owner women made the film rich in content!
This documentary is also the part of Marathi Bhasha Mandakini, CIIL, Mysore.
MS-CIT: Tumchya Careerche Praveshwdwar
A still from 'MS-CIT: Tumchya Careerche Praveshwdwar'
MS-CIT: Tumchya Careerche Praveshwdwar
The film on Maharashtra State-Certificate in Information Technology (MS-CIT), an IT literacy mission by Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Limited. With this film, we proudly feel as a part of this mission of making Maharashtra IT literate.
Peral Tech Ugavel
A still from 'Peral Tech Ugavel'
Peral Tech Ugavel
(marathi/34 mins/2008)
A 34 mins documentary for creating awareness among the farmers in Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh etc, was dubbed in Marathi by Abhishikta.