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Educational Films
The audio-video form is the future of education. Abhishikta consider this as a social responsibility and dedicated to make quality educational videos. The company is engaged in making series of such videos, have a look….
Cyber crime awareness
A still from 'Cyber crime awareness films'
Cyber crime awareness films
(3 min/Hindi)
A series of three video films about cyber crime awareness for Medianext. A joint venture of MindTree and Pune Police.
SSC Experiments
A still from 'SSC Experiments'
SSC Experiments
(7-20 min/Marathi)
A series of video films (22 no.) where experts demonstrate the science experiments for students. A project for PrayogParivar Kendra, an MKCL initiative.
A still from 'SSC Vidnyanmanch '
Partially animated educational fiction for students of 10th Std.
Hobby home
A still from 'Hobby home'
Hobby home
A series of fiction videos (more than 40 episodes till date). The very ambitious project of multiple intelligence development among children by MKCL and Grammangal.
‘Awaj Na KarataKhelane’ episode nominated for best film and direction at 14th NCERT film competition, won the award for best sound recording.
A still from 'Search'
A series of fiction and non-fiction videos based on community health development program by SEARCH, Gadhchiroli and MKCL, Pune.